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Technical Program

Session: THU-AM1 Medical & Rehabilitation Robotics 1000-1130

Session Co-Chairs: Prithviraj Dasgupta & Anindo Roy

  • Prithviraj Dasgupta, Anoop Mishra, Carl Nelson and Judith Bumfield, Towards Intelligent Semi-Autonomous Control of a Modular Robot for Human Mobility Assistance
  • Lidia Al-Zogbi, Anirudh Topiwala, Thorsten Fleiter and Axel Kriger, Deep Learning Techniques for Abdominal Skin and Wound Segmentation
  • Ashwin Goyal, Ruben Acevedo, and Anindo Roy,  Investigating the Benefits of Force Feedback on an Ankle Robot for Rehabilitation of Foot Drop After Stroke
  • Anderson Camp, Edward Chapman, and Paola Jaramillo, Control of Fluidic Artificial Muscles for Rehabilitation Exoskeleton
  • Zhenyu Lin, Charles Meehan, and John Baras, Statistics-Based Slippage Correction with a Dexterous Robotic Hand
  • Michael Kam, Hamed Saeidi, Ori Perl, David King and Axel Krieger, An Autonomous Robotic System for Damage Control Surgery

Session: THU-AM2 Robotics & Emerging Technologies: Ethics, Regulations, and Policy Issues 1130-1230

Session Co-Chairs: Mumu Xu & Raj Madhavan

  • Huan Xu and Joseph Borson, The Future of Legal and Ethical Regulations for Autonomous Robotics
  • Sheryl Gross-Glasser, Automated Vehicles: Ensuring Improvements for Currently Transportation-Challenged Populations 
  • David Tomblin, Leah Kaplan, John Nelson, and Mahmud Farooque, “Our Driverless Future,” Informing Autonomous Vehicle Systems Design Through Participatory Technology Assessment
  • Robin Murphy, Ethics in Disaster Robotics

Session: THU-PM1 Assistive Robotics 1530-1700

Session Co-Chairs: Axel Krieger & Francisco Cuellar

  • Ariel Slepyan, Rupsa Acharya, Andrei Silva, Deepesh Kumar, and Nitish Thakor, A Biomimetic Soft Finger for Palpation Applications
  • Bart Paulhamus, Edward Staley, Corban Rivera, Kapil Katyal and Chien-Ming Huang, Amplified Control for Robotic Teleportation
  • Louis Dankovich and Sarah Bergbreiter, CapSense: A Low Cost Wearable Gesture Recognition Technology 
  • Kapil Katyal, I-Jeng Wang, Gregory Hager and Chien-Ming Huang, Intent-Aware Human Motion Prediction Using Deep Generative Neural Networks
  • Javier Alfredo Hilario Poma, Jose Guillemo Balbuena Galvan, Christian Penaloza, David Hernandez Carmona, Diego Quiroz, Jorge Ramirez and Francisco Cuéllar, Development of a Mobile Robot for Inspections of Analog Gauges in Industrial Plants
  • Jiawei Ge, Hamed Saeidi, Justin Opfermann, Arjun Joshi and Axel Krieger, Landmark-guided Deformable Image Registration for Supervised Autonomous Robotic Tumor Resection

Session: THU-PM2 Robotics Education & Learning 1700-1800

Session Co-Chairs: Jonathan Kelly & Ashwin Ashok

  • Ashwin Ashok, Creating a Pipeline for Women in Engineering and Computing Through Girls Robotics Initiatives
  • Nisha Pillai, Francis Ferraro and Cynthia Matuszek, The Need for Interactive Learning by Robots in Human-Centric Environments
  • James Tangorra, Joseph Hughes and Mira Olson, Peace Engineering: Engineering for Communities Affected by Conflict
  • Jonathan Kelly, Htoo Htet and Joao Dutra, Leveraging Robotics Education to Improve Prosperity in Developing Nations: An Early Case Study in Myanmar

Session: FRI-AM1   Robotics for Environmental Assessment & Sustainability 1000-1130

Session Co-Chairs: Miao Yu & Jason Gregory

  • Jason Gregory, S. Al-Hussain and SK Gupta, Human-Robot Teaming for Safe, Resilient Operations in Humanitarian Applications 
  • Bjorn Lutjens, Lucas Liebenwein and Katharina Kramer, Using Machine Learning for Forest Inventory Assessment to Increase Transparency in Reforestation
  • Miao Yu, Jose-Luis Izursa, Ivan Penskiy, William Washburn and Diego Santaella, Urban Food Production Based Robot-Assisted Vertical Hydroponic Systems
  • Nathan Melenbrink and Justin Werfel, Autonomous Robots for Sustainable Land Management
  • Anousheh Gholami, Usman A. Fiaz and John S. Baras, Drone-Assisted Communications for Remote Areas and Disaster Relief
  • Katherine Glasheen and Eric Frew, Improving Understanding and Forecasting of Tornado Formation Using Networked Small UAS 

Poster Presentations

Session: FRI-AM2 1130-1230

  • Ramya Kanalapuli Rajasekaran and Eric Frew, Co-operative Estimation Architecture for Target Tracking Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Kamakshi Jain and Ian Moss, The UMD Micro Air Vehicle Team
  • Caroline Kery, Cynthia Matuszek and Francis Ferraro, Cross-Language Learning of Visuolinguistic Concepts for Robot Assistants Serving Non-English Users
  • Yanting Liu and Juan Rojas, Evaluation of ROOT Robot System and Curriculum to Improve Computational Thinking in Young Children
  • Craig Carignan, Tuvia Rappaport and Daniil Gribook, Exoskeleton Telepresence for Robots Performing In-Space Assembly and Servicing
  • Yuijiong Liu and Pinhas Ben-Tzvi, Maneuvering and Stabilization of Reduced Complexity Legged Robots Using Bio-Inspired Robotics Tails
  • Patrick Fox, The UMD Kite Energy Project
  • Gil Blankenship and Katrina Gramzinski, Sparkfy: An Autonomous In-Home Assistive Care Robot
  • Nikhil Nair, Standardized TCP-IP Protocol for Improved Networking Between Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in City Protection Methods 

Session: FRI-PM1 1530-1630

  • Huan Xu and Joseph Borson, Regulatory Approaches for Learning – Enabled Components in Cyberphysical Systems
  • Harnaik Dhami, Tainshu Xu, Qian Zhu, Song Li and Pratap Tokekar, Crop Height Estimation with LIDAR Equipped Robots
  • John Winder, Stephanie Milani, Mathew Landen, Erebus Oh, Shane Parr, Shawn Squire, Marie desJardins and Cynthia Matuszek, Planning with Abstract, Learned Models
  • Andrew Mills and Eric Frew, Rapid Frontier View Sampling in Unexplored Environments
  • Yuxiang Gao and Chien-Ming Huang, Robot Programming by Situated Illustration
  • Fatemeh Alimardani and John S. Baras, A Comparison of System Optimum Equilibrium Traffic Assignment Using the Concave Form of the Fundamental Diagram 
  • Lasitha Weerakoon and Nikhil Chopra, Bilateral Teleoperation of Soft Robots
  • Ahmed Ramadan, Anindo roy and Elisabeth Smela, A Wearable Pressure Sensor Recognizes Hemiparetic Ankle Defects
  • Behzad Sadrfaridpour, Kanishla Ganguly, Cornelia Fermuller and Yiannis Aloimonos, An Introduction to Computational Tactile Flow